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BrightCharger provides its unique technology to monitor and manage the device charging processes real-time. BrightCharger makes adapters and charging points smarter. Our algorithm stops charging and shuts down the adapter after battery is full or charging completed, resulting in longer battery life, less battery and energy waste, savings in natural resources and improved safety. BrightCharger is the turnkey technology enabling environmentally responsible, sustainable battery charging.

The need is globally scalable: In 2019 the extensive amount of the mobile devices alone has risen to over 12 billion units. Adapters and charging points are everywhere in homes, offices, industry, vehicles etc. and device batteries are being charged continuously even when there is no need. This results in prematurely shorten battery lives, safety risks, battery wastage and wasting of natural resources and energy.

The company develops and licenses its smart charging technologies to semiconductors and manufacturers.


BrightCharger technology is based on real-time monitoring and managing of charging current. The inhouse developed algorithm is the core in this solution, enabling adapters to automatically cut off the charging current when the battery is full or when there is no need for charging, and stop the idle power consumption of the adapter. BrightCharger technology is not dependent on any battery or device types and BrightCharger functionality can be integrated to a number of product designs from USB adapters to USB-charging outlets in buildings and vehicles, re-chargeable device adapters to larger scale charging stations.


Our game-changing, scalable BrightCharger solution maximizes safe battery charging and device battery lifetime as well as charging outlets’ life spams. BrightCharger enables sustainable charging of devices: It cuts off unnecessary charging always, decreasing battery waste, and wasting of natural resources in battery production.

Added value to electronics adapters:

Increased safety
We automatically stop charging process and shut down adapter when there is no need for charge, eliminating all risks of fire.

Reduced lithium wastage
With BrightCharger algorithm the average battery level is 94% when charging ends. Scientific research prove batteries lasting longer when charging stopped at battery almost full. This reduces lithium wastage and saves natural resources. Perfect for environmentally conscious consumers and businesses.

Better customer experience
Better battery condition leads to longer time between charging sessions resulting in better customer experience.

Energy savings – Stops unnecessary energy use
Adapters use a lot of energy also when they continuously keep supplying power to fulfill battery even when it’s full and no need for charging.

Easy scaling
No device or battery dependency – BrightCharger functionality could be integrated into all existing adapter designs and power delivery systems.


As a tech proof, we developed our design USB charger, which resulted in successful crowdfunding campaign. The IPR protected and trademarked product was validated in Europe and USA, which helped us move toward our ultimate goal for being in licensing business. Our passion today is to help electronics brands and manufacturers make the world safer and greener, with our turnkey solutions for smarter charging.


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BrightCharger Europe Oy Ltd is founded in Finland in 2015 by experienced entrepreneurs mixing strong backgrounds in technology and IPR. The company’s vision is to be the new, innovative game changer at charging technology that improves environmental sustainability, user experience and safety.

Jani Rytkönen
CEO, Founder
+358 50 388 3640

Harri Tiainen
CTO, Founder
+358 50 542 8592

Maunu Korpela
Head of IPR and legal, Founder
+358 40 570 5432

Timo Akselin


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