Intelligent charging control IP & technology for chargers and outlets available to be licensed by microchip providers and manufacturers.



We provide patented technology for safer charging experience and longer battery lifespan for all devices

BrightCharger is a Finland-based IP and technology company enabling an intelligent power cut-off in chargers, adapters, and socket outlets. The excessive charging of battery-powered devices (over 17 billion hand-held devices in 2022) reduces battery lifespans, increases the risk of fire and wastes energy significantly on a global scale. Our mission is to improve user convenience, safety, and battery lifespans with our technology.

BrightZero™ is a chip-based charging control technology that stops excessive charging and idle consumption of device and the charger by cutting power as soon as the battery is optimally charged. It is a fully scalable technology, as it operates without dependencies to device’s battery management system (BMS), battery type, or voltage. Compliant with the relevant regulations (e.g., EU Eco-design Directive), our technology and IP also represent a significant environmental and energy-saving potential worldwide.

We are licensing our IP & Technology to microcontroller providers and manufacturers, who have an essential role in driving decarbonization via smarter chip designs in chargers, adapters, and electrification products, like socket outlets.