A finnish IP and technology company for improving users’ charging experience, global energy-saving and environment’s sustainability

BrightCharger was founded in 2014, and since then we have developed and launched a unique technology and IPR portfolio. BrightZero™ technology is a chip-based charging control algorithm that stops charging by the cutting power feed to a device as soon as the device’s battery is optimally charged. This technology improves everyday safety, batteries’ useful lifetime and user convenience by monitoring and stopping the charging process automatically. When widely adopted, the technology can improve energy-saving significantly – even up to multiple nuclear plants’ annual production – as well as reduce the amount of electronic waste because of prolonged battery lifespans.

We pioneered the smart auto cut-off concept worldwide with a USB-charger, back in 2017. With over 5 years of tech proof with chargers, accompanied with great user feedback ever since, we continued the development to make our BrightZero tech more accessible for all. That meant we had to think beyond chargers, make our charging control operate directly in the 110-240 VAC power source.

Today, our offering covers a fully scalable BrightZero charging control solution, enabling an integration of intelligent auto cut-off feature for USB-A and USB-C chargers, AC adapters and socket outlets. The technology is compliant with number of regulations including EU’s Eco-design directive’s requirements for external power supplies, no-load condition electric power consumption and standby and off mode for electrical household equipment.

BrightZero technology and IP are available for licensing by microcontroller companies and manufacturers of chargers and smart building electrification solutions, such as socket outlets and mountable smart AC outlets.

We are constantly seeking to expand our partnerships to make the technology available to as many users as possible in the long term, and to improve the charging experience while driving the global energy saving and preservation of natural resources, (e.g., cobalt, which is the essential for lithium-ion batteries). 

Customer service and supply

We provide extensive customer support and expertise to microcontroller companies, and to charger and electrification manufacturers that are updating their product range (e.g., PD controllers, chip designs) with BrightZero technology and IP. Some examples of our service include reference designs, prototype production, know-how transfer and other special activities.

Our supply

IP & BrightZero tech for chargers (USB-C, USB-A)

IP & BrightZero tech for 110-240 VAC socket outlet 

IP & BrightZero tech for 110-240 VAC smart mountable outlet

Product reference designs  

Prototyping and co-creation projects

Technical customer support