IP and R&D company on charging control technologies

We develop ground-breaking charging technology where novelty and improved user experience are our passions and license our Industrial Property and know-how within the charging industry worldwide.

Founded in 2014, we pioneered the concept of charging mobile devices and changed the way charging process can be controlled. Our technology introduced a fast and easy way of implementing an automatic charging cut off function to all existing USB outlets and 110-240 VAC socket products and chargers.

Today, our technology base covers all fields related to optimal power supply to battery driven devices but also to other applications such as wall sockets and power outlets. Our Industrial Property portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in Scandinavia. It comprises more than five core patent families and a global license base. All R&D activities take place at our facilities in Finland, which is considered to be one of the world’s most innovative countries.

Customer service and supply

BrightCharger provides extensive support to its innovation striven industrial clients, like manufacturers, who seek to introduce new technologies in their specific field of business, help improve their existing products, including chargers and socket outlets as well as energy efficiency, security and quality. Few examples are prototype production, know-how transfer and special activities.


BrightCharger® Charging control algorithm and patented IPR for enabling automatic charging cut off and disconnecting power to the charger / outlet when battery is optimally charged

Disconnecting supply of electric charging current

Charging control (low voltage)

Charging control (high voltage)

Automatic charger switch off (USB-A, USB-C, 110-240 VAC)

Automatic charging restart option

Patented nightlight feature and Globe shaped design for mobile device chargers