History of innovation

BrightCharger Europe Oy Ltd (BCE) enables managing battery charging process with its patented algorithm-based technology. BCE aims to cut off the energy wastage in all charging, reduce battery and electronics wastage and make charging sustainable, resulting in longer battery lifetime and upgraded user experience through longer device use time. The company offers its technology in microcontroller chip to be integrated in wall outlets and chargers and licenses its IPR (extensive IPR portfolio secured). The company has a strong, innovative and dedicated management team with in-depth experience in business, building brands, product development, global manufacturing, IPR, and sales and extensive international networks. BCE’s vision is to be the new, innovative game changer at charging technology, improving user experience and offering environmental sustainability and increased safety.

In the core of the business idea is the frustration on today’s chargers. It all started when an inventor and founder Mr. Harri Tiainen bought a new smart phone for his wife, and the battery decided to die, because of overcharging. The warranty for the battery had just ended and he had to buy another phone, now with the manual timer to avoid overcharging. Unluckily, the timer was broken, too. From that moment, Harri decided to solve the problem and make monitoring and managing of charging process automatic and easy for everybody. This technology and new charging ideology today is called BrightCharger.

The company has been focusing heavily in R&D, which resulted in secure charging algorithm, UL/CE certified ODM USB mobile charger with automatic charger shut off function. This design USB charger was the tech proof, which resulted in successful crowdfunding campaign. The patented product was validated in Europe and USA by users, which helped us move toward our ultimate goal for being in licensing business. Our passion today is to help charger and charging outlet manufacturers make the world safer and greener, with our turnkey solutions for smarter charging.

Patents, design patent and trademarks (e.g. EU/USA) have been secured that protect the core IP. Company did consumer and B2B pilots and market research activities in Germany, USA and Finland with its hardware. These pilots, business development and prototyping garnered interest from a broad base of licensing partners for the actual BrightCharger® technology.

Charging phone with almost empty battery

Key events:


Innovation: The bright idea was born, founder team and BrightCharger Europe Oy Ltd. was established. Industrial Property portfolio strategy was launched and first patent applications were filed.


R&D started with Tekes (currently Business Finland) in Finland. First prototypes and tech proof with BrightCharger® USB mobile charger with automatic charging cut off function was created. International Charging Control patent application was filed. International trademarks were granted.


BrightCharger USB mobile charger was certified (CE/UL) and production ramped up in China. Crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo was completed with 212% success. Mobile chargers with unique auto cut off feature were sold successfully across Europe and USA. Co-development of BrightCharger auto cut off technology integrations to various charger products was launched with partners.


New market entries with charger integrations were made with industry leaders. A chip with BrightCharger® algorithm for USB-C charger was developed. One of the biggest OEM manufacturers for mobile chargers developed the first USB-C mobile charger prototypes with our software.

New strategy and business model were announced: The company focused now purely on direct licensing of its Industrial Property and Charging Control Algorithm to charger and socket outlet manufacturers.


Validation of licensing business model with Business Finland, concluding in the manufacturers’ raising interest of adding universal safety layer and intelligent overcharge protection into chargers and socket outlets. The company sealed collaboration with ABB via ABB’s SynerLeap Accelerator. Launched new pilot products in 230VAC/USB wall outlet categories. Expansion of Industrial Property Portfolio, now including the intelligent Charging Control for DC and AC environments. New product innovations for 110 – 240 VAC socket outlets were developed, and discussions continued with manufacturers. EU Green Deal framework was launched by EU Commission (12/2019), supporting BrightCharger’s vision in sustainable charging with intelligent and universal charging control algorithms.


Patents were granted after more than four (4) years processing time for Charging Control and Charger comprising night light. The company is scaling its technology integrations with global manufacturers and brand owners in wall socket categories, especially models with USB-C and 110 – 240 VAC direct integrations. Extending network for scaling our technology into new areas, including ‘garage accessories’ like drillers, trimmers etc. and e-mobility (E-bikes, EV). EU Commission continues driving the Common Mobile Charger with USB-C to be adapted in EU area, to cut down the increase in e-waste and use of plastic, consumer frustration, and competition barriers in charger manufacturing. The company is working on new prototypes on AC adapter product and automatic recharging functionality. 

Charging phone with almost empty battery