History of innovation

Our climate and environment are under constant change – and so should we be. 

From the dawning of our history, humankind has altered the world to make it our own. Yet now it is time for us to stop and think – before we are forced to do so. So much is changing, yet so much more needs to change if we want to keep our globe viable. To build a more sustainable future, we need to go to the very root of our problems.

That is exactly what Harri Tiainen did as the battery of his wife’s new, expensive phone died after only six months of use. Instead of looking for a faulty battery, he turned his attention to the very source of the problem: the charger. Realising the problem had to lie in overcharging, Tiainen did as many great minds before him: shut himself in his garage.

There a lightbulb went off in his head and born was the idea of a built-in solution that cuts the power off automatically after the battery has reached the optimal charge.

By burrowing straight to the root of the problem, Tiainen paved the way to a world-changing innovation that is BrightCharger.

If we are to change the world, one person is not enough. By coming together and introducing new solutions available for everybody, we can overcome any problem or obstacle. The world-changing solutions are made when different minds collide.

Tiainen pitched the idea forward, and a team started to form around it. Soon, one became five, with every member bringing their own unique talent to the group: instinct, innovation, experience, and knowledge. What brought the five men together was a common goal, mutual understanding, and a vision.

In late 2014, the company BrightCharger Europe Oy Ltd. was established. The original idea evolved into a finalized product: a USB-charger, which was able to stop charging and cut off power after battery is optimally charged. The product’s globe-like design with a green light, represented our philosophy of stopping unnecessary consumption and replacing it with carefree, responsible way of charging our lithium batteries.

We have one planet with limitless possibilities but limited resources

From the very beginning the five wise men behind the company saw the possibilities the innovation had, both for a single user, and for the whole world. What makes BrightCharger’s technology unique is its scalability – it is independent of the device, battery type and voltage.

At first, the innovation of BrightCharger manifested itself in the physical charger, which combined the idea, philosophy, and innovation in one product. As a business-savvy start-up, they acquired the necessary patents and trademarks from the start. However, they soon realised that the physical product was not the ultimate route to success.

With more rechargeable devices in the world than ever before, there are naturally more batteries as well – lithium batteries to be exact. And lithium is a finite resource, whose value increases as the mines start to run dry. Instead of producing more material, the men behind BrightCharger wanted to reduce the consumption of resources. The solution was to sell an innovation instead of a product. And thus, we are where BrightCharger is now: A unique, ground-breaking innovation, which provides an energy and resource friendly solution to everyone and everything, everywhere. Today, our great innovation has been encapsulated in a small microchip, which can be added basically in all chargers or any socket outlet. By licensing our technology onward, our innovation can extend further than ever before with the help of our associates. Together, the change is possible.

Charging technology is ubiquitous: from phones and smartwatches, to lawnmowers and electric cars. Regardless of the device, it deserves a bright charge.

“We insert the “smart” directly into the power source, so that every recharge happens responsibly, safely, and efficiently regardless of the dummy on the receiving end.”

BrightCharger. Be in charge, for a brighter future.

Charging phone with almost empty battery

Key events:


Innovation: The bright idea was born, founder team and BrightCharger Europe Oy Ltd. was established. Industrial Property portfolio strategy was launched and first patent applications were filed.


R&D started with Tekes (currently Business Finland) in Finland. First prototypes and tech proof with BrightCharger® USB mobile charger with automatic charging cut off function was created. International Charging Control patent application was filed. International trademarks were granted.


BrightCharger USB mobile charger was certified (CE/UL) and production ramped up in China. Crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo was completed with 212% success. Mobile chargers with unique auto cut off feature were sold successfully across Europe and USA. Co-development of BrightCharger auto cut off technology integrations to various charger products was launched with partners.


New market entries with charger integrations were made with industry leaders. A chip with BrightCharger® algorithm for USB-C charger was developed. One of the biggest OEM manufacturers for mobile chargers developed the first USB-C mobile charger prototypes with our software.

New strategy and business model were announced: The company focused now purely on direct licensing of its Industrial Property and Charging Control Algorithm to charger and socket outlet manufacturers.


Validation of licensing business model with Business Finland, concluding in the manufacturers’ raising interest of adding universal safety layer and intelligent overcharge protection into chargers and socket outlets. The company sealed collaboration with ABB via ABB’s SynerLeap Accelerator. Launched new pilot products in AC/USB wall outlet categories. Expansion of Industrial Property Portfolio, now including the intelligent Charging Control for DC and AC environments. New product innovations for 110 – 240 VAC socket outlets were developed, and discussions continued with manufacturers. EU Green Deal framework was launched by EU Commission (12/2019), supporting BrightCharger’s vision in sustainable charging with intelligent and universal charging control algorithms.


Patents were granted after more than four (4) years processing time for Charging Control and Charger comprising night light. The company is scaling its technology integrations with global manufacturers and brand owners in wall socket categories, especially models with USB-C and 110 – 240 VAC direct integrations. Extending network for scaling our technology into new areas, including ‘garage accessories’ like drillers, trimmers etc. and e-mobility (E-bikes, EV). EU Commission continues driving the Common Mobile Charger with USB-C to be adapted in EU area, to cut down the increase in e-waste and use of plastic, consumer frustration, and competition barriers in charger manufacturing. The company is working on new prototypes on AC adapter product and automatic recharging functionality. 

Charging phone with almost empty battery