Intellectual property

BrightCharger’s published Intellectual property can be found below with patents by priority date. For more information, click on the publication number. These publications, corresponding with national applications and patents protect BrightCharger technology internationally. In 2022, 4 patents were granted to our Innovations. These include the AC Charging Control, Charging Control, Disconnecting Supply of Electric Charging Current and Charger comprising night light.

Publication no. Name Priority
US11418043B2 AC Charging Control 2019-11-05
WO2020240070 A1 Automatic Charger Switch Off 2019-05-24
WO2018073483A1 Charging Control 2016-10-19
WO2017162905A1 Charger comprising night light 2016-03-23
WO2016046447A1 Disconnecting supply of electric charging current 2014-09-26

BrightCharger’s trademarks are listed below by countries / continents.

Reg. Number Type Continent
018765970 BRIGHTZERO (word) EU 2022-09-23 (filed)
5097796 B (word) USA 2016-12-13
5097797 B BRIGHTCHARGER (word) USA 2016-12-13
014682331 BRIGHTCHARGER (Figurative) EU 2016-02-16
1280474   BRIGHTCHARGER (Figurative) International 2015-10-15

BrightCharger’s design filings

USD788033S1 Charger (design) 2015-08-24