New year, new challenges, new opportunities.

We are gazing at a brighter future as more and more businesses are implementing sustainability into their strategies and actions. The expectations and demands for this change rise from international and national regulations, as well from customers, competitors, affiliates, and from within the businesses themselves.

For any business, finding the right steps towards a greener business model might seem difficult or even impossible at first, but every step, even the smallest one, is crucial.

Sustainability is business

Reaching the ambitious climate and sustainability goals set by international unions, nations, and organizations, requires commitment on every scale. Commitment on the other hand requires a common goal, a common vision. In the end, it is a matter of surviving in a changing world – but is simply surviving enough to drive for a change?

When someone takes the first step, others will follow. For example, ABB’s sustainability strategy 2030 will not only conduct how ABB and its partners will integrate sustainability into their operations, but it will also influence how committed its employees, stakeholders and customers are. By showing that it’s determined to help make a sustainable future more than just a vision it makes everyone involved feel proud and eager to be part of that journey.

A step on the Bright side

BrightCharger is part of the journey towards a greener tomorrow with its energy-efficient and smart technologies. Our innovation allows manufacturers and developers to tune their products onto the next level with no extra hassle. We provide a cost-efficient turnkey solution for eco-friendly electrification, as our technology makes charging devices easier and safer than ever by preventing overcharging automatically. Effortless for both manufacturers and end-users.

The BrightCharger innovation is an easy way to increase the quality and safety of the electrification product. Thanks to its scalability it can be implemented into a variety of socket outlets, chargers and adapters, regardless of the device type, battery or voltage. BrightCharger is a fully developed and proven technology that is incomparable to anything else on the market. It is a unique way to tackle the problem of overcharging. With meticulous research and piloting we have made sure that our patented chip-based solution can be effortlessly integrated with the products of our licensees.

Furthermore, our technology matches the current and upcoming regulations, such as the EU’s Ecodesign directive, making it highly suitable for any sustainability requirements. In the long term we see BrightCharger’s intelligent charging control as a standard in every new installed socket outlet. In the short term, we see it as a vital part in the wave of smart buildings.

Premium results with bright solutions

BrightCharger saves time and energy (quite literally). For businesses, it means more time to innovate and find ways to take further steps towards a better future. For consumers and end-users it offers an effortless way for premium products and premium life. From our previous blog, you can read what a day with BrightCharger could look like for an everyday Jane or Joe.

With our solution, you can offer your customers what we offer to ours: effortless, innovative, and high-quality solutions for a brighter future.