BrightCharger Europe Oy Ltd secured EU Commission’s Seal of Excellence -certificate in highly competitive application process for EU Horizon 2020’s SME2 funding. The application exceeded all threshold limits, but was being cut off this time from the actual grant, because of the budgetary reasons by EU Commission.

“With these excellent results received from our Horizon 2020 SME2 application, we are looking forward to apply to the following EU funding opportunities in near future.” says BrightCharger CEO and Co-founder Jani Rytkönen.

BrightCharger was granted a patent for its Charger Comprising Night Light invention (EP3433915 (B1) – CHARGER COMPRISING NIGHT LIGHT) by European Patent Office on August 5, 2020.

“The company is scaling its patented Charging control technology by licensing its IPRs, and we are expecting to show plenty of more progress with upcoming collaborations, as well as with our ever- evolving IPR portfolio. The recently granted patent for the charger comprising night light was also an important extension to our IPR portfolio, making our own market entry product, a design USB-charger even more stronger by this patented feature. We have already seen over the years, that this function has been adapted especially by kids that use our charger and everybody who wants to a nightlight and indicator function associated with charger in general. With this patent, I can say we truly have this in our offer, as well as the revolutional Charging Control function.”, continues Rytkönen.

The BrightCharger® technology benefits:

● Enables green values in charging – Longer battery lifespan decreases battery, device waste and the use of limited natural resources for new Li-ion batteries.
● Maximizes safety – No battery/charger explosions and fires (carefree and safe charging)
● Universal overcharge protection – Cutting off unnecessary power after charging is completed saves batteries, energy and nature
● Improves customer experience – Longer device use time between charging sessions (BrightCharger technology maintains maximum capacity of battery longer)

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