The BrightCharger charging algorithm integrated in the charger stops charging and switches the charger off automatically when the battery is nearly full or when there is no need for charging (e.g. device is not used). This innovative charging method saves device batteries thus extending their lifespan significantly. It also improves safety by eliminating the chance of overheating of both batteries and chargers resulting from overcharging. BrightCharger supports low carbon lifestyle by reducing the amount of resources and energy required for producing batteries. The company’s business focuses on offering licenses for this unique technology licensing to device and charger manufacturers. The technology can easily be merged using intelligent microcontroller chips; BrightCharger Europe Oy Ltd provides support for the initial implementation.

The groundbreaking technology developed by BrightCharger is based on real time measurement and monitoring of the charging process. At the heart of this technology is the proprietary algorithm developed by the company. The innovative BrightCharger charging algorithm automatically stops the charging process when the battery of the device is optimally charged. This technology is not device-dependent but suitable for all chargeable devices. The BrightCharger charging algorithm enables optimal charging of devices, which increases device lifetime and improves safety.

BrightCharger charging algorithm:

  • Eliminates waste of energy and saves nature;
  • Reduces the risk of overheating and promotes safety;
  • Extends battery lifetime and reduces the amount of hazardous waste;
  • Allows the manufacturing of sustainable charging stations and creates new market opportunities;
  • It is scalable for all chargers.

BrightCharger Europe Oy Ltd is founded in Finland in 2014 by experienced entrepreneurs mixing strong backgrounds in technology and IPR. The company’s vision is to bring to the global market this pioneering technology, which improves user experience, increases safety and is environmentally friendly. The goal is rapid international growth through commercialization of the IPR portfolio and licensing of this scalable technology.

More information:

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