BrightCharger Oy, a Finnish technology startup specializing in innovative charging control solutions, is proud to announce the latest addition to its robust patent portfolio. The company has been granted a new patent in China for its groundbreaking chip-based Charging Control technology. This significant milestone further strengthens BrightCharger’s position as a global innovator in the field of charger and socket outlet innovation.

The recently granted patent in China (Patent Number: CN110062991A) adds to the previously granted European Union patent in 2020. With this achievement, BrightCharger’s Charging Control technology continues to gain recognition and protection worldwide, revolutionizing the charging experience for a vast range of electronic devices.

Commenting on the company’s continuous advancements, Mr. Jani Rytkonen, CEO of BrightCharger Oy, expressed excitement about the company’s growing patent portfolio, stating,

“Our revolutionary, universally compatible Charging Control, now patented in both the EU and China, empowers our future partners to operate freely with our technology, backed by legal protection. This breakthrough enables semiconductors and manufacturers to provide cost-efficient, high-quality chargers that eliminate unnecessary overcharging, enhancing battery lifespan and user safety. Our technology thrives independently of battery management systems (BMS), ensuring superior performance with any chargeable device. We eagerly anticipate market leaders leveraging this innovation to elevate user experiences with improved battery life and enhanced safety.”

BrightCharger’s Charging Control technology, known as BrightZero, introduces a groundbreaking auto cut-off feature that optimizes device charging. By automatically halting power delivery once the battery reaches its optimal charge level, BrightZero ensures efficient and safe charging while extending battery lifespan.

As BrightCharger continues to expand its global reach, semiconductor providers and charger manufacturers have a unique opportunity to become first movers in the adoption of BrightZero technology. Licensing the BrightZero technology offers several advantages over competitors, including:

    1. Seamless Integration: The BrightZero algorithm can be easily implemented into the charger’s microcontroller and designs without the need for additional Bill of Materials (BOM), ensuring a swift and cost-effective integration process.
    2. Accelerated Time to Market: BrightCharger provides comprehensive reference designs and technical support, enabling semiconductor providers and manufacturers to rapidly bring BrightZero-enabled chips to market. This significantly reduces research and development time, giving licensees a competitive edge.
    3. Cost-Effective Licensing Model: The licensing model includes a one-time upfront payment to initiate the license, followed by a royalty fee per sold BrightZero-enabled chip. This flexible and affordable approach allows licensees to optimize their production costs while leveraging the benefits of BrightZero technology.
    4. Unlock New Revenue Streams: By providing and utilizing BrightZero-enabled chips and designs, semiconductor providers and manufacturers can introduce a premium-priced category of chargers featuring an optimized auto cut-off feature. This innovative technology is compatible with a wide range of chargeable devices, eliminating the dependency on Battery Management Systems (BMS), and creating new revenue opportunities for licensees.

As the demand for intelligent charging solutions continues to grow, BrightCharger Oy remains at the forefront of innovation through its patent-protected BrightZero technology.

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About BrightCharger Oy:

BrightCharger Oy is a Finnish technology startup focused on developing cutting-edge charging control solutions. With its revolutionary BrightZero technology, BrightCharger empowers charger manufacturers and semiconductor providers to deliver safe, efficient, and universally compatible charging experiences. The company aims to revolutionize the charging landscape and drive industry-wide advancements with its patented tech.