BrightCharger Oy is proud to announce the successful completion of our extensive EU co-funded project, focused on Research and Development (R&D) in AC electric charging management and strategic business expansion planning. Supported by a grant decision via Finnish ELY, covering 50% of the project’s budget totaling 172,062 EUR, we have significantly advanced our mission.

Project Insights and Achievements

This project enabled us to invest in both international growth and technology development. We identified effective business models for international expansion and further developed our patented smart electric charging management technology, BrightZero®. This advancement aligns with the EU’s growing demand for energy-efficient, long-lasting, and user-friendly charging solutions for smart buildings and cities.

The project enabled us to employ one person for our R&D, expand our subcontracting network, significant growth of our patent portfolio and opening new target markets for our BrightZero technology.

Innovative Smart AC Socket Prototypes: Seeking Licensing Partners

A highlight of this project is the development of new Smart AC Socket prototypes – a revolutionary Grid adapter designed for precision, battery-friendly, safe, and energy-efficient charging of devices, accessories, and e-vehicles. Compatible with any charger, this technology is now ready for licensing, and we are actively seeking manufacturing partners for pilot production.

“BrightZero is redefining charging norms. It enables charging all your devices responsibly and effortlessly, exactly how they were intended to be charged. This isn’t mere innovation; it’s our commitment to a sustainable, smarter future.”Jani Rytkönen, CEO of BrightCharger Oy

Interested parties are encouraged to contact us and download our product leaflet.

BrightCharger’s official EU Co-funded plaque


About BrightCharger Oy:
Based in Finland, BrightCharger Oy is at the forefront of developing innovative electric charging management solutions. Our commitment to sustainability, safety, and user satisfaction is reflected in our advanced BrightZero® technology, ensuring a greener and more efficient future in electric charging.