BrightCharger Oy has been granted a US patent for ‘AC Charging Control’ (Patent number 11418043) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The recent patent grant for AC Charging Control is a giant step forward for the Finnish IP and technology start-up in its mission to stop the excessive charging of lithium batteries worldwide.

BrightCharger has developed a unique charging control technology and IPR portfolio since 2014, that stops charging by cutting power feed to a device after the device’s battery is optimally charged up to 90-100%. The chip-based technology improves everyday safety, batteries’ useful lifetime and user convenience by monitoring and stopping the charging without user’s effort. When widely adapted, the technology can improve energy savings significantly; Worth multiple nuclear plants annual production as well as reduce the amount of electronic waste because of prolonged battery lifespans. 

The technology was introduced to the world within a USB-charger, back in 2017. With encouraging feedback from both consumers and industrial partners, the innovators of BrightCharger decided to develop technology further; Make it operate beyond chargers. 

“With over 5 years of tech proof with chargers, accompanied with great user feedback, we continued research to make our tech more easily accessible and scalable. This meant we had to think beyond chargers, make our charging control algorithm work directly in the socket outlets.” States BrightCharger CEO and Co-founder Jani Rytkönen

After the profound testing, it was confirmed that BrightCharger’s technology worked seamlessly in 110-240 VAC environments, which opened multiple opportunities for scaling it. 

AC Charging Control grant enables BrightCharger to provide a patented solution for enabling intelligent auto cut-off for 110-240 VAC socket outlets and AC adapters. These smarter outlets and adapters can be compatible with any charger plugged into them, being able to monitor the charging current and cut off power at the right moment, after the connected device’s battery is almost or fully charged. 

“The AC Charging control solution is fully scalable, because it operates directly at the power source, and it has no dependencies on the charger, device’s battery management system (BMS), battery type or voltage. Our licensing model allows it to be widely adapted by electrification manufacturers, meaning we could more likely see it becoming an industry standard, driven by regulations and demand on charging experience, safety and sustainability.” Rytkönen concludes.

The company is looking for big partnerships to make the technology available to the majority of users in the long term. The charging control technology and IP is available to be licensed by microcontroller companies and manufacturers of chargers and smart building electrification solutions like socket outlets and AC adapters.


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