When nations and international organizations are trying to find the best policies for combating climate change and the global ecological crisis, pressure towards the business world continues to increase. It is often up to us, businesses, to change our ways for the better and to find the best solutions for the rest.

Are we really up for the task? Yes!

Are we obliged to do it at our own expense? Not in the least!

We are in this together. We created BrightCharger technology to enable key players in electrification and charger industries to reach their sustainability goals  in an easy and inexpensive way. What could your company achieve with BrightCharger?

BrightCharger is an innovation that tackles the problem of overcharging from its root cost-efficiently and effortlessly. It provides a smart solution for mitigating the environmental and social problems and solving the safety issues linked to overcharging by stopping the charging of batteries once they are optimally charged. This is becoming more acute as the surge of battery-based technology does not show marks of slowing down. Not only is the number of hand-held devices increasing, the e-vehicles are racing on the market as well. For instance, the yearly number of e-bike sales is estimated to more than quadruple by the end of the decade. In other words, there are more and more batteries and chargers on the use at all times.

– As we speak, billions of hand-held devices are being overcharged continuously by their users. This overcharging causes daily hazards, like battery fires. Moreover, it wastes massive amounts of energy and – because of critically decreased battery lifespan – results in millions of tons of battery based electronic waste on a global scale annually, explains Jani Rytkönen, the CEO and co-founder of BrightCharger.

The BrightCharger innovation is fully in line with increasing government mandated regulations and policies, like the EU Ecodesign and EU Green deal directives that aim to guide its member nations towards sustainability. In the near future, resource and energy efficiency will be further integrated into the legislation and policies of the member nations as well as into the EU regulations. BrightCharger provides businesses with the means for answering these demands and to compete for investments and for the favor of the consumers.

– BrightCharger is the first to offer an consumer-friendly and carefree solution for various battery-related problems. Our innovation will be an essential element in enabling sustainable electrification for smart homes and buildings, notes Rytkönen.

– BrightCharger is a simple, patented innovation with a large impact. Every business that aims to be successful at fighting climate change, must find the best solutions for becoming and enabling their customers to become more sustainable – but first these solutions have to be provided by someone. BrightCharger can make your business smarter, Rytkönen continues.

Implementing our chip-based technology in chargers and socket outlets is an effortless way to increase sustainability – and this can have a far reaching trickle-down effect. The sustainable solution and the competitive edge achieved by it are passed down from business to business and, in the end, to the consumer on the look for sustainable products and options.

One basic rule of the business world is that the early bird always catches the worm. The stage is set for market leaders to adapt a proven, game changing BrightCharger technology a big time.

– If we examine the emerging megatrends and legislations regarding climate change together with companies’ sustainability strategies and the high rates of producing and installing socket outlets, it is not hard to see how today’s first movers can turn into tomorrow’s game changers at smart building electrification business, Rytkönen concludes.