How it works

BrightCharger’s patented technology enables the manufacturers of chargers, adapters, and outlets to offer a smart auto cut-off feature as part of their devices. The BrightZero® algorithm monitors charging current in real-time and cuts off the power feed as soon as the device battery reaches 90-100% charge. 

BrightZero extends the lifespans of lithium-ion batteries by at least up to 1 year, reduces idle energy consumption, and eliminates safety risks posed by excessive charging.

Built for microcontroller supply chains

BrightZero easily integrates with any charger microcontroller with no hardware modifications. The algorithm makes it easy to deliver a charging experience that complies with user demand and regulatory pressure to improve user experience, safety and battery life.

BrightZero works with all in-device battery management systems (BMS), battery types, and voltage ranges, and it can be directly added to 110-240 VAC socket outlets.

Make a difference for global sustainability

The potential of BrightZero is its scalability – If all lithium-ion devices were charged with BrightZero-enabled products, we would:

  • Conserve the equivalent of 9 nuclear powerplants of annual energy production
  • Stop 50 kilotons of cobalt from being needlessly wasted
  • Reduce global e-waste through extended device lifespans

A better user experience

People wish to make sustainable choices and take sustainable actions. However it’s next to impossible to optimally charge every consumer device in your house without help. BrightZero does the thinking for you – it continuously monitors the device battery as it charges, automatically cutting power as soon as optimally charge is reached. This enables devices to retain their maxim charge capacity for longer, extending their useable lifespan by at least up to one year.

Conserves energy and resources

In 2020, rising demand for smart devices and EVs saw the amount of e-waste generated within the EU peak at 52.2 million metric tons. BrightZero can help reduce the amount of electronic and battery waste by prolonging the battery lifespans of chargeable devices. Devices in idle and standby states, as well as those that are continuously overcharged, cause vast amounts of needless energy consumption when viewed at scale. For instance, standby charging of hand-held devices is estimated to consume more than €4 billion of energy in Germany alone. BrightZero can all but eliminate this waste when widely deployed.

Backed by legislation

BrightCharger’s technology complies with current and upcoming regulations on product quality, energy efficiency, and sustainable development, such as the EU’s Eco-design directive, and regulations on no-load condition for external power supplies. BrightZero can become the new standard for chargers, as it works with all lithium-battery powered devices.

Technology benefits

Extends battery lifespans – automatic & intelligent protection against excessive charging extend the lifetime of a battery’s maximum capacity.

Increases safety – prevents fires by halting charging and switching off the charger as soon as the battery is optimally charged and the device not in use.

Improves user experience – BrightZero® optimises battery endurance and device use time between charging sessions, leading to devices that work well for longer.

Reduces waste – prolongs battery lifespans and reduces energy waste by cutting off unnecessary idle and maintenance consumption of both devices and chargers.