Our solution measures power consumption and uses patented algorithm for analyzing when battery is optimally charged and after that disconnects power from charger. Charge state is measured by averaging and analyzing power consumption over time periods. When battery is about 90% full the charge, the current starts to decrease and our algorithm finds out the correct point when charge should stop to maintain battery health. If the device (phone etc.) is used while in charging, the algorithm realizes this, and will not stop charging until the device is no longer needed. Brightcharger algorithm can be scaled into various kinds of chargers, including 110-240 VAC socket outlets. 

With ordinary charger, the battery is held at 100% for a long time (usually overnight). This lowers battery’s maximum capacity. Although smart devices indicate that battery is 100% full, in fact the battery will not last as long because real battery capacity is lower than new battery capacity. With some smart devices, you can check battery capacity, e.g. in iPhone Settings: device/battery/battery health (shows current battery max capacity in %). For more information, see Apple’s article on how to improve battery lifespan manually. However, this approach requires much user effort and there are still billions of devices that have no smart interface for monitoring battery health, although being charged continually every day. BrightCharger functionality solves this problem with its automatic Charging control directly in chargers and outlets.

Technology benefits

Maximized safety – No battery/charger explosions and fires (relaxed feeling with worriless charging)

Universal overcharge protection – Cutting off unnecessary charging saves batteries, energy and nature

Improved customer experience – Longer device use time between charging sessions (BrightCharger technology maintains maximum capacity of battery longer)

Enables green values in charging – Longer battery lifespan decreases battery and device waste and the use of natural resources for new Li-ion batteries, which are limited

BRIGHTCHARGER® charging control algorithm

BrightCharger® technology is based on real-time monitoring and managing of charging current by our algorithm.

The patented technology monitors charge current and determines battery optimal charge state with intelligent algorithms. After battery optimal state detection charger can disconnect power output, enter sleep mode or shutdown all electronics. This technology independent of battery or device types, which all have extremely specific charging processes, and suitable to AC and DC charging. This charging algorithm is applied to wall socket outlets directly with microchip and is suitable in USB-A, USB-C and to 110-240 VAC technologies.

A BrightCharger preprogrammed microcontroller enables securely charger developers to expand their designs.

Features & benefits

AC & DC charging

USB-A, USB-C, 110 – 240 VAC

Safety layer for outlets & adapters, including intelligent automated overcharge protection

Improved product quality


BrightCharger® USB-Adapter stops charging and disconnects power to the adapter automatically after the battery is charged, resulting in worriless user experience, optimized safety and ensured lifespan of your battery. Now overcharging is excluded. Our charger does not consume energy when left in the wall alone and it tells you when the optimal charge has been obtained and has a nightlight feature. BrightCharger can be used for all USB compatible devices.

User’s guide

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Technical information

AC Input: 100 – 240 V, 50-60 Hz – 0.2A

DC Output: 5V – 0.9A USB-A compatible

Socket type: EU, US

CE & UL certified

Patented design (globe shape)

Patented automatic charging control and nightlight function


The Bright Grid Adapter enables sustainable charging in homes and offices, existing and new buildings that have 110-240 VAC socket outlets. This AC adapter design has our built-in charging control algorithm in the core. The product turns buildings with regular ‘dummy’ sockets intelligent, by cutting power off after battery has reached an optimal charge (90-100%). This product provides the perfect and simple way to maximize safety, battery lifespan and save energy.

The adapter works universally with any lithium battery charger plugged into it – from mobile devices to E-bikes.

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Features & benefits

Compatible for 110-240 VAC socket outlets

Works universally with li-ion battery chargers

Socket type: EU / TBD

Activation button for optimal charging sequence 

Automatic re-charge (optional)

Patented charging control