BrightCharger’s patented technology enables smart auto cut-off feature for chargers, adapters, and outlets. It is based on real-time monitoring of charging current by BrightZero™ algorithm, which cuts off power feed to the device as soon as the battery has reached 90-100% charge level. The technology maintains batteries’ optimal health, improves safety of users and infrastructure, and enhances charging experience with automation.

A game-changing upgrade for charger chip designs

The BrightZero algorithm can be bundled into the microcontroller intended, for instance, USB-C chargers to enable intelligent charging control and power cut-off with any device. This feature allows charger developers to swiftly adapt it to match new user demands and regulations on improving user experience, safety and battery life.


BrightZero is a pioneering  algorithm upgrade for charger and outlet microcontrollers, enabling a unique monitoring of the charging process and a switch-off of power feed as soon as the battery is almost fully charged.

This chip-based solution has no dependencies on device’s battery management system (BMS), battery type or voltage range, making it suitable for charging a vast range of devices, including the ‘dummy ones’ that don’t have any built-in battery management or user interface in place. The BrightZero feature can also be added directly into 110-240 VAC socket outlets with our dedicated chip design and IP for AC Charging control.

There’s more to it…

Improves user convenience and safety

BrightCharger technology has been in use around the world for over 5 years since the launch of our intelligent USB-charger in 2017. Our users have found the smart auto-cut off feature especially useful when devices are left plugged in overnight, or when device and/or charger is left plugged in for longer periods of time. Thanks to our BrightZero™ solution, users no longer need to worry, because power feed simply stops automatically when charging any device, as soon as the battery is charged up to 90-100%. After charging, the maintenance consumption of the device stops, and standby consumption of the charger basically drops down to zero.

Our technology improves safety of both users and the infrastructure. There’s no need to know if your device has a battery management system (BMS) in place and how it works. In case the device, battery, charging software or wire malfunctions or becomes damaged, the charger’s auto cut-off feature will prevent overheating and ignition.

The elimination of excessive charging at the right moment has been scientifically proven to prolong batteries’ useful lifetime by at least 50% (= 1 year!). BrightZero improves user experience by monitoring and stopping the charging always at the right moment, as soon as the battery is optimally charged. When batteries are not stressed with excessive charging, they keep their maximum capacity longer, resulting in longer device use time between charging sessions. It also saves user’s money, for there’s no need to purchase new battery or device as often.

Reduces e-waste and saves energy

One of the most common reasons for throwing away a chargeable device is prematurely weakened battery. In 2020, the amount of e-waste peaked at 52.2 million metric tons in the EU. The rapid increase in demand for new battery powered devices, and the dawn of e-mobility era (e.g., 7 kilos of lithium per e-car) are accelerating the production of new li-ion batteries, which are made from limited natural resources (e.g., cobalt, fresh water). BrightZero can help reduce the amount of electronic and battery waste by prolonging the battery lifespans of chargeable devices.

The idle & standby consumption and overcharging (also called as ‘trickle charge’ or maintenance charging) as sources of energy wastage can seem like a drop in the ocean for a single user. But when thinking of the world’s 17 billion hand-held devices (a number that is continuously increasing) that are being overcharged 90% of the time continually by 5 billion people around the world, this unnecessary energy consumption is significant. In Germany, for example, mobile devices’ standby mode alone requires energy worth around €4 billion every year. In Finland, cutting off idle power consumption of mobile devices would equal saving 5869 GWh a year, which is the same as the annual production of a nuclear power plant (7000MW with 8000h annual peak operation). Thus, our technology, when widely , can save energy significantly, even as much as multiple nuclear power plants’ annual production worldwide.

Matched with regulations  

BrightCharger’s technology complies with current and upcoming regulations on product quality, energy efficiency, and sustainable development, such as the EU’s Eco-design directive, and regulations on no-load condition for external power supplies. The BrightZero feature has great potential of becoming the new standard for chargers, because of its interoperability with all battery powered devices.

Technology benefits

Extends battery lifespans – Automatic & intelligent protection against excessive charging, to maintain battery’s maximum capacity longer.

Improves safety of users and infrastructure – It stops overcharging and switches off the charger as soon as the battery is optimally charged and device not used, to prevent fires caused by overheated lithium-ion batteries and chargers.

Improves users’ charging experience – Charger-based BrightZero feature monitors charging process and ‘unplugs’ the device and charger for the user, as soon as the battery is almost full (90-100%), to optimize battery endurance and device use time between charging sessions. Adaptable algorithm recognizes if the device (smartphone, laptop  etc.) is used while charging, and keeps the device powered until left unused and the battery has reached the optimal charge. 


Helps to reduce electronic and battery waste by prolonging battery lifespans. It saves energy in big scale by cutting unnecessary idle and maintenance consumption of both devices and chargers. The technology supports regulations on improving                product quality, battery life and energy efficiency.