Proven concepts that deliver smart charging through integrated BrightZero technology


In this section we introduce the most popular product applications based on our BrightZero® technology. All of these include the reference design, application notes and working prototype or fully certified product.

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Smarter USB-C Mobile charger

BrightZero expands your USB-C charger’s features with smart auto cut-off, which improves battery life, charging experience and safety of users, homes, and offices.

For swift implementation, we have prepared the reference design and application notes for you. The BrightZero chip design for USB type-C charger incorporates the patented Charging Control technology, which enables charger’s smart auto cut-off to operate with any USB-C device.

The BrightZero algorithm monitors power consumption and charging current and selects the correct time to stop the charging process as soon as the battery has reached an optimal 90-100% charge and switches the charger into the deep sleep mode.

This is a great way to improve the safety of USB-C devices, chargers, and users, as well as the protection of buildings from fires caused by batteries and chargers. Users of this type of a smart charger need not worry about the risks of leaving their devices plugged in overnight. When used regularly, this charger type maintains li-ion batteries’ maximum capacity longer, because their excessive charging is simply prevented by the charger.

USB-C has become a standard in the EU, resulting in changes in chargers, like harmonizing of fast charging protocols. In the future, more focus will be placed on improving user charging experience, safety, and battery life.

Features & benefits:

Improves safety and battery life – minimizes the risk of fire by preventing overcharging and idle power of device and charger

Charger-based auto cut-off has no dependencies on lithium-ion battery or device type.

BrightZero improves charging experience by automatically monitoring the charging process and ‘unplugs’ the charger and the device for the user as soon as the battery has reached its optimal charge at 90-100%

Patented Charging Control technology

Intelligent mountable AC outlet

The intelligent mountable AC outlet enables sustainable and safe charging in homes and offices. Its BrightZero® chip design uses patented AC charging control for 110-240 VAC environments.

The product works with any charger plugged into this outlet, enabling carefree and sustainable charging for all handheld mobile devices, laptops and e-bikes, scooters etc. The embedded BrightZero algorithm recognizes when battery reaches 90-100% charge level and automatically stops charging and cuts the power feed to the charger.

It also recognizes if the device is used while plugged in. In this case, the algorithm is designed to continue charging the device. The auto cut-off will activate only after the device is left unused and battery has reached its optimal charge. This is an efficient and convenient way to increase safety, save batteries and energy in any built environment that are equipped only with regular ‘dummy’ socket outlets. 

Features & benefits

Compatible for 110-240 VAC socket outlets

Works with all chargers

Socket type: EU / TBD

Activation button for BrightZero functionality

Improved safety and battery optimization – BrightZero enables an auto cut-off which stops charging cuts power feed as soon as the battery is optimally charged

Patented AC charging control solution

Smarter socket outlet

Our reference designs for smarter 110-240 VAC socket outlets are based on various available models and were developed to meet the demand for more varied ways of safer and more sustainable charging of all devices. The designs include our BrightZero feature being integrated at outlet’s USB-C, USB-A and AC sides, enabling smart charging control and auto cut-off for all types of charging.

As the charging starts in any of the above, BrightZero algorithm scans the charging current and cuts the power feed as soon as the battery is optimally charged to 90-100%. The auto cut-off prolongs battery life and saves energy by preventing overcharging and idle power consumption. BrightZero recognizes if a mobile device is used while charging and won’t cut power until the device is no longer being used and the battery has reached its optimal charge.

Adding BrightZero feature to your outlets is a swift way to increase safety and sustainability at homes and offices, where most devices are often overcharged.

Features & benefits

Scalable solution – BrightZero feature can be integrated to USB-C, USB-A and AC sides

With AC integration, the auto cut-off works universally with any charger. Separate activation for BrightZero feature in AC side. 

Improves safety and battery optimization – BightZero stops charging by cutting power feed as soon as the battery’s charge level has reached 90-100%, which ensures longer battery life

Saves energy that results from preventing of overcharging and idle consumption

Patented Charging Control and AC Charging Control technologies.


The original BrightCharger® USB-charger stops charging and disconnects the device power feed as soon as the battery is optimally charged, resulting in a safer charging experience and extended lifespan for your battery. This revolutionary charger prevents overcharging and unnecessary energy consumption. The charger indicates when the optimal charge has been obtained with a LED nightlight feature.

User’s guide

Introduction video

Technical information

AC Input: 100 – 240 V, 50-60 Hz – 0.2A

DC Output: 5V – 0.9A USB-A compatible

Socket type: EU, US

SGS UL tested

Patented design (globe shape)

Patented charging control technology and nightlight function