The BrightCharger innovation has manifested itself in a new form: a universal Bright Grid Adapter for 110-240 VAC socket outlets that makes safe and sustainable charging possible in every home and office. The adapter contains the patented BrightCharger technology, which monitors the recharge and cuts the power once your device has reached the optimal charge. It provides an easy and user-friendly way to maximize safety and sustainability.

Our vision is to integrate this world-changing technology directly into the source; the power socket, thus making bright charging inseparable with everyday living. However, we recognize the costs and time scale needed to replace every dummy socket with smart technology. Nevertheless, we did not want to sit idly while waiting for our long-term dream to become reality.

Instead, we developed a solution.

Just by inserting the adapter in a power socket it can be used to charge any device – was it a phone, laptop or electric bike, just name it.

A bright charge – safe, smart, sustainable

The number of lithium ion batteries (LIB) is constantly increasing globally, and with it increases the concern about their safety. Some instances of LIBs catching fire have received large media coverage and drawn the attention of researchers as well (e.g. Diaz et al. 2020). With the dawn of the world dominated by electric vehicles, the fire hazard posed by LIBs is under a magnifying glass (e.g. Sun et al 2020).

Many LIB fire hazards have been caused mainly by overcharging (Ouyang et al. 2017). BrightCharger aims to prevent overcharging by cutting the electricity off once the li-ion battery has reached the optimal charge (90-100%, depending on battery). The BrightCharger algorithm contained in the adapter turns any dummy socket into a smart and safe charging hub.

With our adapter the fire hazard caused by battery overcharging is mitigated instantly, resulting in careless user experience, when leaving devices charging overnight as the electric current is cut off by the adapter.

Furthermore, the BrightCharger technology helps lengthen battery life. Li-ion batteries can deteriorate rather quickly because of overcharging. By preventing overcharge, Bright Charge also helps prevent excessive use of resources and heaps of unusable technological waste in the medium term.

Expectations for sustainable solutions from high and low

In the long term and with widespread use of BrightCharger technology, there will be major cuts in energy consumption, which is critical for combating climate change.

The European Union (EU) is one of many institutions that are increasing regulation of energy and resource consumption. For instance, the EU Green Deal urges to develop resource friendly technologies, while the Ecodesign directive drives to find energy-friendly products for consumers. We have to introduce new solutions in advance to address the demand by governments, by international operators, and by the everyday consumers.

Are you ready for the future? This AC adapter, enabled by BrightCharger, is waiting for its producer. The global markets are open for its ingenious solution.