22.12.2020 Helsinki, Finland

BrightCharger Europe Oy Ltd has been granted with a new US patent for its ‘Disconnecting supply of electric charging current’ invention (US10833524  –  DISCONNECTING SUPPLY OF ELECTRIC CHARGING CURRENT) by the United States Patent Office.

The Finnish IP and R&D startup brings to international markets their unique chip-based solution, designed to be integrated into outlets and chargers, for making lithium battery charging safe and sustainable everywhere.

“Along with Europe and Asia, USA is one of the key future markets for our company. The US patent grant improves certainty of our technology in North America, and finally provides a strong opportunity for our current and future partners to expand in this market.” says BrightCharger CEO and Co-founder Jani Rytkönen.

By adding BrightCharger’s chip-based technology into socket outlets or alternatively to chargers, the charging stops automatically once the battery is optimally charged.

“By licensing our technology, manufacturers and brand owners can improve their currently ‘dummy’ socket outlets and chargers with charge state monitoring and power cut-off -function, that our tech enables. It complements their offering for the growing number of aware customers who not only want to save energy, but to charge their lithium batteries safely and responsibly.” Continues Rytkönen.

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BrightCharger Europe Oy Ltd, is an IP and R&D company which designs and provides chip-based charging control technology to enable safe and sustainable battery charging with socket outlets and chargers. BrightCharger’s technology is available to be licensed by device brand owners, manufacturers and distributors. www.brightcharger.com